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Here it is Wednesday again, time to post.
Today's topic is  "Provisioning" Hmmm......the exchange rate??? In February I traveled through Chile with pal John Welsford. I was in Chile for one week and then John arrived and we went into over drive for the next three weeks. The man is strong with great stamina. We hardly had a day of rest given that we traveled from Santiago to Valparaiso and then south into Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. I had quite the hit list of meetings set and knowledge needed. High on this list was the availability of provisions in Punta Arenas.
Shopping in Valparaiso Chile Big Ears............and I don't mean his. A beautiful Chilean dessert in Puerto Montt (nope I hardly got a bite) We learned much as we traveled visiting public markets and stores of all types. Chilean produce is abundant, in great variety and delicious. I plan to eat as locally as I can. However I will be challenged to carry much fresh produce other than hearty root vegetables…
Wednesday March 23rd, 2016

The Documentary Film "Below 40 South"

For the past three years David Nichols (boat builder, author, film maker) has been working on the production of a documentary film about the coming voyage of Southern Cross. Thought this might be a great time to update folks on how this came to be, why I am involved and how it will get done.

Dave's film web site is "" On the site you can read his words about the film project in some detail.

Whats In A Title
The title of the film and the byline are an interesting mash together and there is story behind both. "Below 40 South" I like because thats where I'll be. It is one of those phrases (unattributable) coined by some amongst the thousands of Cape Horn clipper ship sailors who have preceded me, many who's lives ended there. Some used to say, "Below 40 degrees south there is no law and below 50 degrees south there is no God."

As to the byline "A Voyage …