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A Few Notes On The Boat I Will Be Voyaging In. SCAMP #6- Steve Haines boat.  I am with a student teaching high wind handling including tacking and gybing. In this photo it's blowing a solid 25 and gusting up to 30 knots. Nice boat.
SCAMP #1- Debra Colvin photo
A Modified John Welsford SCAMP I selected the SCAMP design over a wide range of possible small boats including one I had been penning for a planned voyage from Goose Bay Labrador to Greenland. I chose the SCAMP because the design followed a very similar concept to mine but was a nod better and ready to go. Before the prototype was started I was sent a copy of the original design with a solicitation for comment/input and understood it on first glance. 

I have a rather eclectic taste in boats ranging from my high speed Newick Tremolino MKIV trimaran, sailing canoes and my wood cutter Blueberry. I love to go fast and appreciate classic shapes, fine bows and overall shapely lines but most of all I appreciate designs that are truly fu…