Blog Update 3/2/2016

Have arrived back in the US to a cold Michigan winter. Santiago was summer at its best, warm, sunny and dry. Further south in Punta Arenas (Strait of Magellan) was height of summer but cold, rainy at times and windy. Folks on the street were typically dressed for cold and wet conditions.

Now time to reflect back on what I have learned in Chile and to follow up on Armada communication to keep the permit process and the search for my three navy friends on track.

I will be posting my boat launch and sea trial plan here later today.

Here are a few photos from our experience together in no particular order. I plan to organize photos and will post more with brief descriptions.
 After meeting with Armada officers in Valparaiso. These two are front door guards.
 Our hotel in Valparaiso
 Sharing a meal with John in Puerto Montt
 Crossing the Strait of Magellan
 Military Mapping Institute- Selecting topo maps
 The Bill Clinton Cafe, Santiago
 A model maker in Puerto Vara
 Building art, Santiago
 Our hotel in Santiago
 Valparaiso, Armada sailing ship Esmerelda in the distance.
The coast of Chiloe


  1. Welcome back to our wonderful weather this time of year!

  2. Our best whishes! For your home return, we remember you always, we hope enjoy your "pisco" bottle "Mistral" whith your wife and
    Pilar and Manuel Ramirez


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