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Photo- In the Shadow of the HMS Beagle, Strait of Magellan, Chile

Here it is December 29th 2016 and I finally have a moment to update my blog. Thanks for waiting!

Ad Lib
Background on the video clip above
Well at least I did it, the pilot error thing that is. Five years of work culminated in the loading of my boat into her ship crate November 6th and 7th. It was harder than I thought and mid load, which was going well actually I pulled a rookie move and drove over Southern Crosses mizzen mast, which had been buried in a pile of leaves after a sudden wind storm. I didn't even feel it. Four hours later I picked it up to load it and discovered it was crushed beyond repair. I was stunned, shocked and for a brief moment I too was crushed but then it dawned on me. I was already voyaging and had to just get on with it for these things happen.

I immediately bucked up (as in seconds) and went into full voyaging "Ad lib mode." The crushing of the mast was a blow but the knock on imp…
Hello All It's been awhile since I have updated this blog. Thanks for waiting. A hectic summer and fall complete with time challenges found me launching my boat later than originally planned. It happens. Managing a project like this without sponsorship and on a shoe string budget is always a challenge and I thank the many friends who have lent a hand!

A Refresher...............or a bit of back story
The boat I have built is a SCAMP sail and oar boat of the micro mini cruiser type. For the past few years I have been part and parcel of the growing SCAMP class in that I have been involved in the build of something like 75 of these neat little boats through the SCAMP Camp program. Builders who participate in this program purchase a kit from Small Craft Advisor magazine and as a group we build for ten days yielding a highly accurate hull for each participant. It is not only productive it is incredibly fun and I am very pleased to have so many new friends from the builds.

The boat in the…
A Few Notes On The Boat I Will Be Voyaging In. SCAMP #6- Steve Haines boat.  I am with a student teaching high wind handling including tacking and gybing. In this photo it's blowing a solid 25 and gusting up to 30 knots. Nice boat.
SCAMP #1- Debra Colvin photo
A Modified John Welsford SCAMP I selected the SCAMP design over a wide range of possible small boats including one I had been penning for a planned voyage from Goose Bay Labrador to Greenland. I chose the SCAMP because the design followed a very similar concept to mine but was a nod better and ready to go. Before the prototype was started I was sent a copy of the original design with a solicitation for comment/input and understood it on first glance. 

I have a rather eclectic taste in boats ranging from my high speed Newick Tremolino MKIV trimaran, sailing canoes and my wood cutter Blueberry. I love to go fast and appreciate classic shapes, fine bows and overall shapely lines but most of all I appreciate designs that are truly fu…