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Thanks for visiting my blog.
I will be updating it this Sunday. Busy in the boat shop.
Two years ago. A good photo of the footwell, bailers and opening to aft lazarette. Last October. Getting close. 

Thank you For Visiting My Blog
I snapped the photo above as I descended a cliff down to my wood canvas sailing canoe on Cape Horn. About thirty minutes later I was underway into the Southern Ocean to sail around the Horn. This was the best day I had after waiting for more than a week on Cape Horn, a bit of a lump in the throat sort of day. During this rounding I capsized and was sure glad I had been so thorough in my preparations.

I wish to note that what I pen here is not meant to be an act of self promotion as this is not my intention. I decided to post this blog to let friends know how the project is progressing and simultaneously to assist Dave Nichols with his documentary film "Below 40 South."
I believe Dave's film initiative is a worthy effort.

Perhaps a film about a small boat voyage, the human aspect of going solo, the challenges faced and solutions, etc may serve as inspiration for others, many of whom might not be able to do such a thing for any number of reas…
April 22nd, 2016

Life Is Short- Be Inspired, Go Sailing!
Two days ago I was talking with the film director Dave Nichols and expressed how fortunate I feel to be admittedly a bit out of step with the modern world in that what I seek and aspire to is definite different drummer stuff. I suppose my life in developing countries often in remote villages, sleeping on the ground, attending traditional ceremonies, living amongst the people has reinforced my already strong predilection to seeking a basic truth about living, we are all living close to the edge but many of us don't acknowledge it. My life in Micronesia for the past twenty years and time I have spent working in other developing countries has uniquely prepared me for the rough life I will soon be living in Tierra del Fuego. There will be little adjustment needed.

I told Dave I have in a sense lived my life backwards always aspiring to action and adventure so that when the day came and I found myself looking back that I would not…
Painting above- Rounding the Horn....artist unknown
Thursday April 14th  Thoughts about training to sail a small boat in a cold windy place. I will need to have a high level of fitness before I set off for Chile including muscle strength, flexibility and cardio vascular endurance.