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Finally back to my blog. It has been a very involved past week of living life and squeezing in boat work.

I have little time right now to add much detail to this post about the people who once inhabited the now desolate and uninhabited islands I will soon explore.

I plan to come back to this post over the next few days to add in more detail about the people of southern Tierra del Fuego. Their  story is fascinating, poignant and perhaps holds a lesson for all of us. For now I will just post images and hope you enjoy them.

I had a wide variety of experiences the last time I voyaged a small boat alone through and south of the Beagle Channel and it left an indelible mark on my psyche. There were times after being alone for weeks in such a beautiful place yet a place so devoid of human touch that I felt a sort of spiritual kinship with those who had come before me in small open canoes. My wood canvas sailing canoe seemed appropriate to the moment and to the place.

The photos below are a m…