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Here it is Thursday the day after my promised Wednesday blog posting. Yesterday was a travel day for us back to Santiago. We were up at 3am in cold Punta Arenas for a 5am flight. Punta Arenas was a smart move on my part. The shoreline there will be my staging area and departure point for the coming voyage. We had an excellent meeting with Capitan Herrera (the zone commander) and two other high ranking officers from the Armada de Chile. This meeting was the #1 reason I elected to travel to Chile and it came off very well. All in all in Chile I met with the Armada five times all leading to this key meeting because the zone commander in Punta Arenas has the "go, no go" say over any vessel wishing to enter and sail the waters of Tierra del Fuego.

The Meeting With The Armada
I had prepared well for the meeting with a powerpoint presentation and a detailed description of my boat and plans. The Armada is extremely strict about any yacht or ship plying their waters, especially yachts…
The Who, What, Where, When and How of Sailing An 11’ 11” Open Boat Through Tierra del Fuego Who- Me

What- An 11’ 11” modified SCAMP sailboat

Where- South on the Strait of Magellan from Punta Arenas to explore the remote Southwest Islands of Tierra del Fuego
When- 2016 How- This blog addresses the how beginning with fulfilling dreams and on to the inception of the idea, the overall plan, the strategy, the challenges, the boat build and modifications, self reliance, safety, provisioning, the scouting trip, sea trials, shipping, the documentary film, arrival of the boat and departure.

Background For a number of years my wanderlust filled mind has had me aboard a small open boat sailing north from Goose bay to coastal cruise Labrador, cross the Hudson Strait to Baffin Island before crossing the Arctic Sea at the Davis Strait from Cape Dyer to Sisimut Greenland before heading north to explore Disko Bay. From there I planned to return to Sisimut and either ship my boat home, ship it on to Denmar…
A quick update from the road. John and I have by circuitous route landed in Ancud on the island of Chiloe. We are headed south through Patagonia and are about to have dinner. I'll try to post more plus photos this evening.
Hello All.
Here is a quick post from Puerto Montt Chile. John and I have just arrived after a long all night bus trip. Blowing sideways with rain, just like I remember further south than here. Here is a photo of my boat from a last September rig up session to get the blog rolling.

Stay tuned for posts, I'll do my best to write as often as I can.