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My poco casa (little house) Southern Cross is located just north of Punta Arenas at the Nao Victoria Museum. Here aboard Southern Cross I am practicing my voyaging strategy, which is patience.
I could leave at any time but actually won't, to do so would be a fools errand. The normal here is happening for a few days, big winds! I have been tracking weather far to the west in the Southern Ocean and predicted a wild and wooly system would pass through, it's here with a vengeance. Last night the temperature dropped to 41F and the wind kicked in. During the night it blew up to over 40 knots and is sticking in for the next three days. It's a big low out of the Roaring Forties and I plan to ride the back side of it out of here. There is a significant window of opportunity coming. As much as I'd like to report that I have set out I haven't and won't until I know it's right.

There has been pressure all along through this project from some folks who want derri…
Update from Punta Arenas
Last night I spent my first night aboard Southern Cross since her arrival here in Chile. It was better than could be. Outside the air temperature was snap cold but inside of her low profile tent was snug and warm. She is staged at the Nao Victoria Museo in Punta Arenas a place of amazement to many yet unknown around the world. 

The museum has invited me to stage for my final preparations to voyage and I am glad to be there, honored actually. They seem as excited to have me as I am to be there in the shadow of so many famous ships. Punta Arenas is a old port city and the embarkation point for many significant voyages south and to the ice of Antarctica. Shackleton, Scott, Amundsen and many others began right here. Of course Magellan, Drake, Fitzroy/Darwin also stopped here before there was a Punta Arenas.

The Mast Build
My project has gone along very smoothly although slowly stretching out to over five years. Work and life dictated how fast I could go. It has also b…