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So it's game on in the life of the little ship Southern Cross and her best friend.
The photo above of me and my young friend in Puerto Williams, Chile. The photo was taken by his father and my friend John Cano. I like it and think it is a great way to introduce a unique project I have a role in along with my boat Southern Cross. Read on for a glimpse of the ongoing adventures we are planning. This is now the official blog of the Voyage of Southern Cross Education Program.

Where is Southern Cross now and where is she headed next?
The "Little Ship" is in her dedicated shipping crate sitting on the shore of the Strait of Magellan just north of Punta Arenas Chile. Winter is coming on there and her crate is covered in snow.

At the end of June she will set forth on the next leg of her round the world journey. In her crate she will be placed in a container and put aboard a ship bound for Seattle Washington. She is scheduled to arrive in th…
Here is an old but important video clip shot by Josh Colvin. I flew in to Seattle and on to Port Townsend in March 2012 to assist the SCA team with capsize testing. I believe they thought I was there just to help them and I was but I also had another reason.

Since I was an early adopter of the design (I purchased two kits #2 and #3) before the prototype was finished or launched I wanted to know if my hunches about the boats stability were right. So I became the chimp in the capsule so to speak and went out in very cold breezy conditions and proceeded to test as one member of a team. What a boat! I learned what I wanted to know after numerous capsizes including full turtling (upside down) and from there proceeded to build and modify my boat for the voyage below 40 degrees south in Chile.

Through the ensuing years I developed classes to teach safety aboard SCAMPs and have taught many sailors (both SCAMP sailors and others) how to prevent capsizes and how to manage them should one happe…
Hello Friends
The photo above was taken during the capsize testing I assisted the Small Craft Advisor test team with. Honored to be able to offer a little insight and experience to an experienced team consisting of Josh Colvin, Simeon Baldwin, Russell Brown, Eric Wennstrom and Kees Prins. Nice to be included in such company.

The photo above is of Southern Cross early in her build. In the back ground you can see the cabin (upside down) of my other micro mini cruising boat Tinker Bell and exact duplicate of Robert Manry's Atlantic solo boat Tinkerbelle.

Right now Southern Cross is crated and sitting on the shore of the Strait of Magellan awaiting shipment back to the US (Seattle) so she can begin her next voyage and if all goes to plan it could be a good one.

The posted photos below can be viewed as a bit of a place holder until I have more real information to post about the conclusion of my recent voyage and the plan ahead. In hope you enjoy the photos.
Southern Cross crated and aw…