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Hello Friends
Video clips are was pilot error!

I am just back in the United States and will once again be posting on my blog. This one will be short with more to come. I have been very busy since returning and hope to come back here regularly to keep friends informed of the new plans for sailing and voyaging aboard the little boat.

Spirits. I sailed into and through one of the remotest places on earth and anchored where I could. This meant at times in places where the Yaghan anchored. It was always interesting to hear the screaming winds and to feel these places in the black of night.

I know a place...............where I am certain................... What people they must have been to live in such a place.
Selecting topographic maps last year in Santiago.  I carried both nautical charts and topographic maps. I used only charts, compass, a watch, topo maps and pencil on paper. I did not use a GPS, nor carry a calculator or electronic nav program/chart plotter and …