Happy New Year To All

Where to begin as I embark on one new years resolution, which is to keep this blog updated much more frequently as it has morphed into being the official VOYSC blog.

I guess the best spot is to roll back to a quick recap of the small boat voyage I took last year. It was a great expereince, hardships and all.

My boat shipped to Punta Arenas Chile on the shore of the  Strait of Magellan. I flew to Chile on December 3rd and got to work doing final provisioning, seeking ouyt charts and other tasks. Several friends traveled to Puta Arenas to spend time with me before I departed. The key person in the group was John Welsford. He and I had a plan to use his fine offer to join me in final preparations. In the end he and I teamed up to do a number of tasks including building a new mast. Phil McGowin flew in from Boise Idaho, always good to have a doctor along and Phil was key in helping me obtain some antibiotics in Chile. Thanks Phil.

John Welsfords lovely wife Denny came along and she was a nice addition to the group. Nice to have had the chance to spend some time with her. Dave Nichols came along to film the arrival of my boat and my final preparations. Sofia Ortiz joined us from Santiago and was instrumental in helping with customs and other matters. She was Dave Nichols assistant as was everyone else other than Phil. They constituted the film crew.

December 2016
My boat was late arriving, which I kind of expected. The days of waiting wore on my nerves a bit.

Thanks for reading.


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