News Update

The Voysc team is pleased to announce our affiliation with Earth Echo International and their global water monitoring project. We will be working with our classrooms in team water quality testing and reporting as the Little Ship sails on!

EarthEcho International
The EarthEcho Water Challenge is a program of EarthEcho International, a non-profit organization founded by Philippe Cousteau dedicated to equipping young people with the tools needed to take action around critical sustainability issues. The Water Challenge is an international program designed to engage community members of all ages (and students in particular) in monitoring their local water quality, sharing their data through our global database, and ultimately taking action to protect their local water resources. Since the launch of the program, over 1.5 million participants in 143 countries have been part of this effort. You can learn more at

Living Lands and Waters
We are please to announce our affiliation with Living Lands and Waters. The little ship Southern Cross will set sail down the Mississippi headed to join the LL&W tugboat and barge in Alton Illinois for a live streaming experience with our classrooms.

We vare pleased to announce our affiliation with SEAS located in Sheboygan Wisconsin. The little ship will be live stream broadcasting from the new SEAS maritime facility this coming April. An old friend Geoff Rudolph is the Director at SEAS and has extended an invitation for Southern Cross and me to be the keynote presenter at the April dedication of their new 30,000 square foot facility. What an honor!

A note from the SEAS web site:
Here at SEAS, we are proud to provide sailing and racing opportunities for those in Sheboygan and the surrounding communities who have a wide variety of physical or cognitive impairments.

 Our goal is to assist our disabled sailors in growing confidence and a sense of freedom through empowering experiences on the water, enabling a strong sense of self that they can carry with them to their daily lives. This is a unique opportunity for the sailors who come through our program to take charge of a boat on their own or in a group of friends and family.

Our Adaptive Sailing program is based on this goal, and we take it seriously. While we continue to grow our program's ability to accommodate all needs, we must evaluate prospective students on an individual basis to determine our ability to provide a safe and fun learning environment. If you are accepted into our Adaptive Sailing program, there is no additional fee for instruction once you become a SEAS Member.

Check back as we have more supporters and alliances to be announced soon.

Here is an artist rendering of the Little Ship:


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